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What Our Residents Say

I have lived in Collingwood since 1988. I love it here. Very quiet country setting. My little dog Mikey loves to lay out in the sun in my deck!

Luann M.

I've lived here since 1995. It's a great place to live because there is hardly any crime and mostly quiet

Mark F.

The park manager we have is doing an awesome job. She is working hard on some much needed improvements, she has a wonderful personality by talking to you not only in the office but outside the community and on her time off, her maintenance crew is also very friendly and seems like they would help anyone. Living here is now truly awesome. Thank you so much UMH for making such a good community! We have a wonderful manager and maintenance staff that would literally do anything for anyone. Lived here since 2002 and can confidently say it feels like home.

Marlin S.

We have found everyone to be very helpful to each other by keeping an eye on each other. Everyone respects each other’s boundaries and it’s an all-around nice, relaxing, quiet, community. Everybody keeps up with their properties so that it looks really, really nice!


The Brenner Family loves their community because they can sit & enjoy their neighbor's & friends & pets in peaceful, clean, friendly & inviting environment. At the same time, we can watch the children from our porch on the playground near the Community Rental Hall that is available to residents which is also where the staff have the Residents Appreciation Picnic each year. The staff is caring & safety has not been an issue since 2002 when we moved in. Thank you for providing a nice community to live.

Lorie B.

Southwind is a beautiful community that sticks together. I love raising my son here, but the best story I have is of my cat Zeppy. He got out, and I looked day and night for two weeks in bad storms. More time passed and I had lost all hope of bringing our Zeppy home by Christmas. I cried putting up our tree and the most amazing thing happened: my phone started ringing Zeppy was spotted and a whole community of people that did not even know my name came together. They spread my number around, put food out, even safe traps! One week before Xmas we got our Zeppy back. If it was not for the amazing people in our community coming together to help I don't think we would have ever gotten Zeppy back. Southwind is an amazing place to live, and raise a family but the best part is the family of friends and neighbors that you find when you move in.

Jolene M.

quiet ,good neighbors,effective management

Brad S.

It is very quiet, considering there are so many children and Dogs who live in the neighborhood. I get to garden and decorate for Halloween. My son loves it too!

Tina S.

Quiet neighborhood and we enjoy a little outside time while we wait for the school bus

David O.

I love living in a UMH community. I have lived here for 30 years. My family moved here from a apartment building and we loved the idea of having a yard and safe streets to play in. I then had my own family and bought my own home to raise my children in this safe tight community. My children grow flowers and vegetables every year. I am happy knowing my neighbors are like family.

Erinn C.

I like my neighbors, the convenience to main highways and its very quiet and peaceful. I also am happy to have Dodie as our Manager , she has been a wonderful improvement. Dodie is making much needed improvements in the park for all those who reside here.

Elizabeth K.

The ladies in the office are great. Always take care of any issue i may have. They take pride in this community!

Stephanie R.

Ms. Claudia treats the kids of the community as if they were her own. Every summer about the end of summer break she does something special for the families.

Justin R.

The property manager Dale truly cares about the community, and the people who live here. I know my children are in a safe neighborhood, and they have friends who are close to their age, with a fantastic school district. It's quiet, calm, and our neighbors are all here to just enjoy life. We love living here!

Denver M.

It is not just a place to live, it is Home! Kids in the community have been wonderful as well as our neighbors. Its a community that is well taken care of and the staff are wonderful.

Fred P.

I was looking for my first home 5 years ago and I found this! I love this place so much.

Maria G.

Fabulous neighbors - I love our community! I will always stay at UMH Properties!

Warren & Teresa K.

We are residents of 35 yrs. great managment , quite, and neighbor friendly. School system is amazing . I would highly recommend to friends and family. Thank you for taking care of the place!

Debra P.

I feel that I am getting a great value

Rosalind S.

Easy people to work with. I was treated very nicely.

Elizabeth F.

It’s quiet place to live. I have lived here for 7 years, and haven’t had a problem. A great place to live.

Melissa F.

I love the security guy at night, he makes my family feel safe. I love family time at the pool. My girls have tons of friends and many more to meet! Mrs.Gail is awesome and I just overall absolutely love this community for everything it is and has to offer and then some! Great place to live, I have been here since 2015.

David R.

My neighbors are lovely. Great residents at our community.

Alexander D.

My husband and myself moved here from Wilmington, NC in 2016. The maintenance team at Maple Manor in Taylor, PA is top notch!! I have called after hours and on weekends. They address problems promptly. They are always kind, courteous, and professional. Mike and Adam deserve a recognition for a job well done. I am so very grateful that I can count on them when something goes wrong within the unit.


Woods Edge has caring and helpful staff and are always there when something is needed. It's a close knit community that cares about people. There are many activities for all different adults and children.

Jessica O.

The best part about living here is definitely the atmosphere! The neighbors know each other and take the time to be friendly. The family oriented theme makes it safe for everyone...and that's only a couple of reasons. Add to that the management team's dedication to create a clean, quiet, small town-like community and it becomes clear why we love loving in Oakridge Estates!

Victoria R.

UMH communities are the nicest cleanest parks around. Nice office people also. Reasonable prices. Safe environment. Love our home and our park.

Stephen B.

Enjoy being in a safe and friendly environment. Able to plant a garden to enjoy on nice summer nights. Maintenance is timely and keeps up the property to the best of their ability!

Lori F.

I used to live at another UMH community and had to relocate for work. I was so happy when U found another UMH community in the area! veryone who works for UMH is very friendly. Toni Ann at Independence Park was very professional and made this transition easy.

Anna Mae C.

David G.

I love living here because I am a woman with many medical issues and my husband travels a lot for work. I feel so safe here, and I have wonderful neighbors who check on me when he is gone to make sure I am ok. Feeling safe is the most comforting feeling you can have. I appreciate that when I have a problem Renee is quick to have someone come out right away to fix my problem. Lake Sherman is so well maintained it is a beautiful place to live. I would recommend UMH properties to anyone

Sandra & Peter L.

We love the community center for my daughter’s birthday parties! There are other children for her to play with and I know that I can trust the families here. There is always something for the family to do and beautiful scenery to enjoy. Here to stay!

Jenifer K.

I just want to say that the management team here is excellent. Sarah and Kinsey are very knowledgeable, professional and do their best to solve any maintenance issues. You can talk to Sarah and she is so understanding and will go out of her way to help. We are proud to call Catalina home and recommend living here to others.

Nancy M.

Its beautiful, peaceful, I love the people, I have made many new friends!


I moved here in 2017 and was impressed by the community. Now I have been here for three years and I absolutely love it! The Manager (Janet) and Maintenance staff (Joe and John) are wonderful, pleasant and helpful. If I need something, all I have to do is ask and I get it right away! The roads are always cleaned and maintained in the winter perfectly! I wouldn't want to live anywhere else!

Renee L. P.

I have been here almost 2 years and in that 2 years I have enjoyed my home and yard. I have nice neighbors and I have always had issues taken care of in a good time manner and the staff here are great. The section I live in is quiet as I am a senior citizen and value my privacy. It is a great community and I am hoping to stay for quite awhile. I love living here. It is convenient to shopping and anything I may need. I have always been met with courtesy from the staff

June S.

Parke Place Estates is a great community for families. My daughter and I enjoy spending time outside. Our community has lots to offer whether it be playing at the park, swimming in the pool, or just taking a walk around the community. We love it here!

Tiffany N.

Love my home! I grow beautiful flowers and my family is close by me. UMH is doing an awesome job! Thank you!

Tracie A.

We love living here because we can enjoy the beautiful birds and natural surroundings from our deck!

Lisa B.

Its clean, quiet, comfortable, and affordable. I don't worry about any trouble in my neighborhood and its close to a lot of stores and schools.

Lura M.

Our community office manager has unbelievable knowledge of dealing and handling situations. She is very friendly, polite and courteous which you do not see of very often. Thus far she has handled all my transactions and concerns with great detail. Thank you for hiring such a great and knowledgeable person. Jeff and his maintenance crew know all the right answers. He is super intelligent and very respectful. I believe this community will grow big and be strong for many years to come thank you.

Brian H.

I love the beautiful view from our front porch.

Eric G.

I love the amount of freedom I have living at this house compared to my old apartment. It's so peaceful. My dog loves it too.

Robert S.

After 9 years of residency the changes that are happening are very welcome. The clean up has changed the entire environment ! Looking forward to my new driveway next summer ! Thank you !!

Michelle D.

We moved in a little over a year ago and have loved the community we live in. It's quiet, friendly, and safe. Janet, Kim, Dave, and Chad are wonderful and beyond helpful. After a rough winter on the house they went above and beyond to make sure our home had any repairs completed within 24 hours of me asking for assistance. We are happy we chose this community.

Carey F.

Our grandkids live up the road from us and we get to see them when we want. The estates are a wonderful place to live. They helped us with buying our first home.

Damita S.

I love enjoying my porch and the weather with my pups!

Ashley S.

simple... its quiet and we can live our lives as we see. No noises no loud cars no loud kids. We like our peace and it works.

Brian W.

Carol is amazing! I have a had a great experience and have already recommended two of my friends.

James B.

We have a swimming pool, playground, b-ball court and beautiful homes! So many great people reside here and the people employed here are outstanding. A safe community surrounded by shopping, banks, and easy access to highways. I love the diversity of residents ages (young & old). I never want to move!

Pamela L.

It is safe. The people here love it here . We have a great little trusting community. We all have each others backs and watch out for our children . What we have as a community at pikewood is very hard to come by these days. And I'm grateful to be a part of it!

Jordan P.

Clean, quiet neighborhood. Neighbors are so welcoming and we lookout for each other. Rent is cheaper and I get to live in a new home. They have rules for residents to keep us safe and keep the place neat and clean.

Tina K.

I just moved from California and I love the trees, and the security I feel here.

Villeda M.

It is peaceful, I like the location and my neighbor.

Rita R.

UMH has helped us be able to get away from a bad situation by providing an affordable housing solution, and has helped me become the amazing, independent mother that I always wanted to be!

Brittany S.

Clean neighborhood and friendly people run the place. We have great neighbors. The community is safe and meets all of our needs.

Linda M.

Dec. 6, 2018 my lovely mobile home caught on fire and I lost everything. You would think this experience would have made me want to move somewhere else but I LOVED MY SAFE NEIGHBORHOOD and NEIGHBORS! Gwen the UMH manager came to me the night of the fire and told me she would help me in anyway she could. I just cried I want to be back on my lot as soon as possible. That is EXACTLY what she did. Within 6 months I can say that I am BACK!! Back with my lovely neighbors and back on my lot. Living at UMH Properties, Inc has been such a great experience. Thank you for everything!


It's a very quiet, gorgeous neighborhood. The neighbors are friendly and the staff is very helpful and understanding. Our neighborhood is dog and child friendly and I feel very safe going for walks with ours anytime day or night

Mark S.

We love it here! Super quiet, everyone watches out for every one it’s like a little village. Absolutely recommend living here, country setting but also close to where you need to go.


I love being able to sit out on my deck, and enjoy the weather with friends. I also enjoy being able to grow flowers, and look forward to decorating for Fall, and Christmas to brighten up the neighborhood.

Tiffany B.

Incredibly friendly, clean and relaxing. I’ve only been here a short while but I love it already.

Kevin K.

I love the location with the private pond in the community and I love feeding the geese and the ducks. Its a very clean and friendly community. I also love the fact that the staff are very friendly. I love that it has a workout room and a swimming pool in the community both of which are free.

Crystal P.

Beautiful new home, for a great price, very quiet & clean neighborhood!

Heather S.

Our community is filled with a lot of love. Neighbors helping Neighbors very quite and peaceful. My children love to spend time with each other playing basketball.

Nicole H.

I recommend UMH to friends and family.

Edward P.

The Maintenance team goes above and beyond to help all the residents and to try to fix any problems. Mari, the community manager, has made this community a great place to live. Mari makes sure all rules are followed and the properties are very well taken care of. We are so thankful for the team that is working here.


My mother, Phyllis Witmer, is 96 years and going strong. She is the matriarch of our family, and we love having her in a community where she can enjoy life in a safe and active environment. Boardwalk truly is home.

Jane Wagner & Phyllis W.

Fair prices

Brandon S.

We have just recently moved out here and we couldn't be happier! Our neighbors are very sweet and so nice. The kids are so awesome for my 8 year old son to play with. Such a great decision we made!

Elizabeth G.

I love living here because this is the same community I grew up in and my mom still lives in the same home. I now live in a brand new home and it is absolutely beautiful and my favorite farmhouse style!

Antonio S.

Moving in was a good experience

Deanna B.

We are very happy here! Very nice and quiet community!

Nicole D.

The property staff has been helpful and friendly, from the manager and assistant to the maintenance guys

William L.

I recommend UMH Properties!

Janice H.

I moved in this month and have already recommended this community to friends!

Jonathan P.

I already have recommended UMH to family and friends because it was a very easy process and the staff is courteous! Everything was great during my move-in

Brian B.

I would recommend this property to friends and family

Victor T.

What an amazing experience!

Maria C.

The manager is kind and out going. The park is a friendly and family-centered neighborhood in a great location with good schools and low crime rates

Amanda R.

Amanda and Tammy are nice ladies in the office and are really helpful and willing to work with you. From my experience the community is nice and people are friendly

Rikey J.

Very friendly and welcoming

Catherine H.

A nice, quiet, community

Candi C.

Clean environment

Paul H.

Nice, clean, quiet community close to work

Christine H.

Susan was absolutely helpful. My brand new home is beautiful and everyhing I hoped for. This is a great community! I had such a positive experience and still ask questions that are quickly answered by Susan. She is always so helpful and very hands-on. I couldn't have asked for a better property manager! She has been such a big help to me and is always there when I need assistance!

Theresa F.

Affordable living!

Tyler B.

I would recommend this community to friends - it's very clean and peaceful


Great affordable homes!

Michael C.

Brand new home, quiet community, and reasonable rates

Neil H.

Beautiful homes and great staff

Christopher M.

I would recommend UMH to a friend

Ashley C.

People are so nice and helpful. I recommend UMH!

Gail H.

I love it here!

Barbara S.

Very friendly and helpful!

Cindy K.

I recommend UMH! Community is clean and friendly

Kathy & Mike S.

This place is amazing! Super friendly staff, easy renting process, beautiful homes. Perfection!


The manager and assistant made the move in process super easy. The experience has been amazing!

James C.

I would recommend UMH to a friend!

Holly R.

Very easy to work with and I was treated very nicely!

Leroy K.

I recommend UMH!


Pleasant evironment and the move-in experience went well!

Sampson & Elizabeth G.

Friendly place to live!

Allen C.

The office ladies are amazing! I had a great experience.

Debra D.

The community is quiet, the staff address maintenance issues promptly, and the neighbors are nice.

Kamara M.

Very nice community!

Brandon K.

Very friendly people! Quick to answer questions or help with a problem.

Alyssa W.

Well run community. Credit and background checks make me feel better about the community.

Christopher S.

It is a great place to live and everyone at the office is so helpful!

Paul B.

I recommend this community to friends!

Michael W.

Great location! Nice homes.


I moved here and have already recommended this community to my children!

Erica G.

The area is clean, safe, and property managers are fiendly and helpful. It was a smooth transition.

Kashefa C.

Love it here!

Carrie P.

We would recommend Forest Park Village for its location and for its quiet and beautiful scenery

Matthew A.

Great people! I love living in Forest Creek, the residnets are amazing!

Nicholas K.

I recommend UMH!

J. Joan R.

I recommend UMH to family and friends

Kylie E.

The new model homes that UMH offers are very nice, and affordable, with some great amenities!

David B.

Homes are kept new and udated. Maintenance is fast to fix issues that come up. Office staff is professional and quick to answer concerns

Anthony N.

Great community!

Alexus B.

I recommend UMH!

Lori A.

Great experience, and friendly employees!

Kristopher P.

Redbud is a very clean and friendly environment! I recieved great help

Allison W.

The onboarding/application process was excellent. The manager was helpful and friendly!

Christine L.

Everything about my experience with UMH was great!

James W.

Very nice people! Clean, safe property to raise my family.

Anthony V.

I recommend UMH Properties!

Kelsey E.

The staff is very freindly.

Michael H.

Awesome community!

Chad W.

We had a good experience with UMH

Isaac K.

Living at a UMH community is a much better value than renting an apartment!

Connie E.

I reccomend UMH!

Bret D.

These homes are so nice and reasonably priced!

John S.

Clean and safe neighborhood with very affordable rent!

Jessica T.

UMH is easy to work with and they help you along the way

Keith J.

Staff is very nice and follows through on requests.

Elzabeth W.

I recommend UMH properties to my friends!

Emily L.

I would recommend UMH

Raquel W.

I would absolutely recommend UMH to friends and family. They are so friendly and the communities are very clean.

KellyMarie G.

Great community- I would recommend to my friends.

Juan C.

The office staff is great at answering any of your questions, and I recommend this community

Beverly H.

I would recommend UMH to my friends and family!

Earthia K.

I recommend UMH.

Michael T.

I would recommend Laurel Woods to any of my friends.

David J.

The homes are so nice and the management is very good!

Joel B.

I would recommend UMH to my friends because it is such a nice place to live.

Skylar B.

Very quiet and very affordable!

Patricia R.

What a great community with really nice homes. I was very satisfied with my experience!

Heather H.

Great community with lots of new updates to the property

Cherry M.

Very well kept community with very knowledgeable sales associates. The move-in was fantastic!

Katherine D.

We are very happy in our UMH community!

Teresa B.

The community is awesome and the staff is wonderful!

Abby W.

Very nice community!

Ashley L.

A beautiful community for a great price. The employees are wonderful!

Christopher A.

I recommend UMH to friends and family.

Teresa K.

This is a great community and the staff were awesome to work with.

Jordan L.

The property manager is very pleasant and helpful. This is a very quiet community which I love!

Nicholas N.

The office staff was so nice, they made the move-in experience very easy!

Amesha H.

Wonderful area

Thomas B.

Great for first-time renters and homebuyers!

Lisa B.

The staff is very friendly and easy to work with

Brian T.

Customer service at UMH is awesome!

Christopher S.

Great place to live!


Quiet community. The application process has clear expectations for residents and is very helpful in creating a safe place to live whether you have a family or are retired.

Marc M.

This community is very nice and peaceful

Thelma P.

Very nice homes!

Frank A.

Very pleased with this community!

Joseph T.

I would recommend UMH to a friend!

Thomas A.

Friendly staff

Charlotte V.

It was a great experience and any issues were handled by the community manager immediately. The manager is friendly, easy to talk to, and knowledgable. What a great frontperson for this community!

Laurie R.

The staff was great and able to help get things done quikly and efficiently.

Bobby D.

The houses are great quality and the move-in was quick and easy.

Jordan S.

Plesant community, friendly staff, reasonable rent, and my pets were allowed to move with us!

Luanne D.

I recommend UMH to friends and family.

Corbin S.

Very smooth move-in process.

Aaron I.

Quiet and friendly community!

Debra L.

Good community at an affordable price.

Brian A.

Friendly, helpful staff and a great neighborhood.

Robert L.

I recommend UMH Properties

Charles M.

Great customer service!

Donna F.

Clean, quiet community.

Maurica B.

We have had a greaet welcoming! No issues at this community.

David M.

I recommend UMH to friends and family.

Janice S.

Great place to live!

Raymesha J.

Friendly place! Staff have been very helpful, nice, and polite!

Faith K.

I recommend UMH to friends and family.

James H.

I recommend UMH!

Donna R.

Very well managed property.


A very nice community!

Elena M.

I recommend UMH properties to my friends and family.

Paula D.

I recommend UMH to friends and family.

Brad W.

Friendly, clean, homey feel throughout this community

Annette S.

Very affordable prices. The property manager is friendly and is always sprucing up the property. Great team work here!

Rebecca D.

I would reccomend this community to friends and family.

Annette G.

Very nice office personnel. OVerall, a nice, modern place to live.

Ashley P.

The staff is helpful, polite, and knowledgeable.

Matthew F.

I love the people and community here. It is run very well with great amenities and it is in a beautiful location.

Garrison & Melinda S.

Everyone at this community has been great! I recommend UMH to friends and family.

Randle D.

Affordable living in a great community.

Leslie S.

I would recommend UMH to friends and family.

Audrey F.

I enjoy this community and the people living and working here.

Damien T.

The process was so nice, fast, and seamless.

Joseph H.

We love it here! Everything is so nice and kept up with!

Abigail R.

Great community to live in and very helpful staff.

Tracy L.

I would recommend UMH to my friends and family.

Charles H.

I recommend UMH to friends and family.

Herbert B.

Well run community and the homes are beautiful!

Kathryn G.

Community staff is very helpful and on top of everything.

Tammy T.

A very nice, quiet place to live.

Billy B.

I would recommend UMH to my friends and family.

Miriam M.

I have already recommended UMH to a friend because the property is kept very nice and the homes are exceptional.

Shalece S.

Affordable living!

Christopher K.

Friendly manager who is very helpful and able to answer all of the questions I had.

Brian B.

Staff is friendly, skilled, helpful, and well organized. There were clear expectations and the community is very clean.

John K.

This community is friendly and well-kept. It is very quiet throughout the day and night. It is a great place to call home!

Joshua K.

My whole experience was excellent! I would recommend to anyone looking for a great place to live in Ohio.


Very nice community!

Brandon V.

Great place to live with frendly management. I love this community!

Jessica J.

Beautiful community with nice landscaping. Brand new homes and management is second to none! Truly blessed to live here.

Eric W.

I recommended Marysville Estates to a co-worker after having a great mone-in experience and they are in the process of renting a home too!

Jacob S.

I recommend UMH!

Alexis S.

I recommend UMH to my friends and family.

Joshua G.

Very friendly staff and very thorough application process.

Travis S.

I recommend this community. It is safe and quiet.

Tiffany M.

It is a great place to live!

Lauren F.

Super helpful and prompt service.

Kandie D.

Great community with great people! I cant find any areas for improvement-my experience was perfect!

Tyler S.

An awesome place to live. Very clean communities.

Yvonne W.

I recommend UMH

Mark C.

This is a great home in a great community to live in! Steve and Janet are amazing people and very helpful!

Vicki V.

I recommend UMH to my family and friends.

Jarrod S.

Leasing agent is very friendly, professional, and accomodating.

Douglas B.

This community is so friendly and really cares for their residents.

Christian T.

Very clean community! Niki and the office staff go above and beyond for their residents. They make themselves available on weekends and make personal connections with the residents. They make moving in and getting settled so easy! We were very impressed as first time homebuyers at how easy the process has been!

Ruth R.

This is a great home and the property is very well maintained.

Jason Y.

Staff was very helpful during move-in!

Karrie L.

Really nice and accomodating people!

Rachel T.

There was always open and honest communication during the buying process which I appreciate!

LaShawn M.

Excellent service!

Jordan S.

I recommend UMH to my friends and family.

Ayla R.

Very clean and well-kept community.

Richard G.

I recommend UMH.

Susan K.

Great people, great community!

Charles K.

I would recommend UMH. They make the process very easy, respond quickly, and are very helpful!

Lindsay M.

Much better than apartment living!

Elizabeth J.

I ove were I live and I have already recommended this community to my friends and family!

Cari P.

Very nice community!

Chane W.

I recommend UMH to friends and family.

Jessica E.

I recommend UMH!

Julie S.

I would recommend this community. I am living in a BRAND NEW home!

LaShonda R.

I recommend UMH to my friends and family!

David P.

My move-in experience was perfect!

Jeffrey J.

Office staff is very helpful and nice through the process.

Andrew G.

I would recommend UMH to my friends and family.

Susan V.

I recommend UMH to my friends and family!

Alison H.

Valley View II is a very quiet friendly neighborhood. Perfect for my retirement home!

Margaret H.

I recommend UMH to my friends and family.

Jeffery W.

I recommend UMH to my friends and family!

Sandy M.

I recommend UMH properties.

Katherine S.

Quiet, clean communities.

Haley W.

My community manager is fantastic! So friendly and helpful.

Melinda S.

I recommend UMH!

Aimee S.

I recommend UMH to my friends and family.

Mikael L.

Very professionally run and clean.

Joshua V.

The community is very well taken care of and the people here are so polite!

Paige B.

I love our new home!

Jeffrey M.

Service was exceptional!

Cherie R.

The office and maintenance staff are very well informed to make the move-in process very smooth.

Patricia H.

Very quiet community.

Jamie E.

The homes are comfortable and the neighborhood is quiet. I am completely satisfied with my move!

Contessa M.

Great place for a great price-you cant beat that!

Marcus N.

Wonderful community and the staff is amazing and so helpful.

Justine W.

I had a great move-in experience.

Glory G.

Clean, safe, and well taken care of community. The manager was helpful through the application and buying process.

Hope B.

Christina and her team are awesome!

Jacob H.

Beautiful home and awesome move-in experience. I would recommend UMH to my friends!

Susan O.

Affordable living for a great, quiet, community.

Hector G.

Its clean, quiet, comfortable, and affordable. I don't worry about any trouble in my neighborhood and its close to a lot of stores and schools.

Lura M.

I love living here at Lake Sherman Village! Renee and Ron anre very nice and attentive to all of the park's needs. They care about their tenants and keep the community clean. They host fun activities for all of the residents. I would recommend living here to everyone!

Marlo M.

Lake Sherman is a great place to live!

Hillary I.

I love it here! Especially love using the pool in the summertime. MY son and daughter both love it here and Jessica and Norma are so kind to us. We are so thankful to have met them.

Brian B.

From the neighbors to the office staff, everyone is amazing! I have been here over one year and don't plan on leaving!

Nicholas T.

Renee was one one the reasons we chose to live here, she is so nice! The park is clean, quiet, and everyone is respectful. The maintenance men are always working to improve the park. It is a nice community and we just purchased our home!

Kenneth S.

Everyone was very helpful. The office ladies are great!

Diane C.

It is a nice, quiet community. The people are friendly, it feels safe. This community is home!

Carl & Jennifer K.

We love the wildlife we see in our yard! Our manager listens to us and gets things done; it is a wonderful community!

Jeff D.

I like the application process to ensure that residents of the community are going to be safe. The spot we live in is very quiet. The maintenance staff is very friendly and if there is an issue that needs to be addressed they get it done. The ladies in the office are very friendly as well, and do their best to help out their residents. I like them a lot and can not ask for better staff!

Ellis E.

Our home is filled with memories of our family & grandkids growing up here, hosting parties, playing tag, nerf, swimming, football, walks, yard sales, baseball, flying kites at the park and so much more . Living here over 25 years now, I have seen it evolve. When the Wolfe family took over the management of the park they made a contribution UMH could never repay them for. They turned this park around and have never stopped improving it. They don't hesitate to help when they can, address issues, resolve problems and are competent and compassionate with their residents! Norma always amazed me how she takes time to know every family. And her Team is always working to improve the park and keep it clean. This community will forever hold a piece of my heart. We are proud to live in Highland Estates and pray the Wolfe's never retire! I highly suggest anyone looking for a peaceful community to call home, to check Highland Estates out, a safe neighborhood where you can hang your hat and proudly hang your American flag too. It is a great community to raise your family or even retire, because of the Wolfe family that manages it and their hardworking team that goes above and beyond any other. So my husband and I thank you and toast to you for all you do year after year!

Teresa H.

I truly want to reach out and thank Nikki and the entire staff here for their help. I am a healthcare worker that has been working many physical and emotionally draining hours. I am able to reach out to the community for help with things like mowing my lawn during this busy time and Nikki and the staff step up to the plate every time. I write this with tears in my eyes, as it has been so incredible to come home with one less worry. I truly could go on about how much this kindness means to me, but I cannot put into words how thankful I am for the staff here and the sense of community.

Scott W.

I have lived here for over three years and it is a great place to call home!

Frank C.

I love living here because it is a safe, and affordable community. It is very quiet and I love the feeling of being able to leave my house, or stay home alone or with my daughter and never having to worry about our safety.

Austin A.

This community is such a nice, safe environment. I can genuinely enjoy my time in and around my home, and any issues are answered to right away. I’m appreciative of this home and community!

Kellie J.

Highland Estates is a safe and quiet neighborhood. I love renting here because you cannot beat the price and amount of space anywhere else. So much better than an apartment with your own yard and driveway. Everyone in the office is so nice and helpful including maintenance who are quick and efficient whenever I have needed anything. Will continue to enjoy living here and will recommend to others as well!

Katie D.

Beautiful home and awesome move-in experience. I would recommend UMH to my friends!


My family and I have lived in the community for almost twenty-two years. Its has been a wonderful place to raise our children, to have our grandchildren to visit, and a place to live as we approach our next journey in our senior years.

Jay S.

From start to finish This Community has been the best. We have wonderful neighbors, a private community with wonderful amenities. They care so much for the children in our neighborhood and the elderly socializing. It’s just the best.

Paul & Beth S.

We have lived in Fairview for 4 years and the community is very clean and quiet. I love sitting on my back porch any time of day. It is so peaceful!

Kelli S.

I love the friendships I have developed with my neighbors and the sense of community makes me feel so safe.

Salley K.

Fourteen years ago my wife and I were looking to move from the high rents of the city, so we explored manufactured home communities in the Poconos, New Jersey, and the Capitol Region. When we discovered Brookview Village in Greenfield Center, NY we were so impressed with the homes, large yards, and how clean and green the community is. We were hooked and well rewarded with a delightful community of friends and families, and the perks of having an AMTRAK and Greyhound Station 3 1/2 miles away. Satatoga Springs barely 8 miles, Lake George 20 miles, and Albany just an easy commute makes this community a great spot to live. We have a very dependable and reliable UMH manager and staff whenever we need. Who could ask for anything more?

Anthony G.

My husband and I have lived in the Boardwalk Retirement Community for 22 years. The residents are wonderful and friendly, just like a large family. The community is beautiful, quiet and peaceful. Moving here was the best thing we ever did.

Earl & Christina S.

The office managers are great! They are willing to work with me and helped me get into my place quickly. They always updated and followed up; my place is very nice and I am happy!

Jesse M.

The community and the people that live here are great, very family and kid friendly

Carrissa V.

There are lots of great amenities here!

Jeremy J.

It is a nice community and the people are great.


I would recommend UMH to friends and family!

Anthony H.

I recommend UMH to friends and family.

John S.

I love my community!

Diane H.

The staff here is so kind and easy to work with!

Cherie R.

Clean, friendly and quiet place to live. My move-in experience was great!

Jessica N.

So much space especially if you have a family or are just starting out.

Joshua H.

My move-in experience was good and I would recommend UMH to friends and family.


I would recommend UMH to others because this is a very beautiful and safe community.

Dorothy S.

Affordable housing in a great, clean community.

Ryan C.

I recommend UMH communities!

Kaitlin G.

My move-in experience was great!

Ronald K.

Everyone is so friendly here! It is so nice and peaceful.

Michelle D.

Everything went great during our move-in experience! This is a clean, quiet community.

Jacob O.

Everyone that works here is great! They will make sure you are always happy.

Maria P.

It is a nice, quiet community.

James R.

This is a very nice community that I would recommend to my friends and family!

Randy F.

I love this community because it is clean, quiet, allows pets, and has sidewalks to keep residents safe.

Nancy S.

The managers and staff here are awesome!

Kayla A.

I recommend UMH to friends and family! I could not have had a better move-in.

Tamara R.

I would recommend UMH to friends and family!

Katrina S.

My move-in experience went so well! This home is great value for the money we spent and the community is so nice and quiet here.

Roberta J.

Move in was great the manager was very helpful and easy to work with. I have no complaints!

Cody S.

Corrine is so easy to work with and helpful. I finally have a place im proud of. We have everything we need in this lot and it is a clean neighborhood in a great location.

Dounia S.

Great communities and a smooth move-in process.

Chris D.

The park is beautiful, clean and everyone is very friendly.

Jordan A.

They are great to work with and keep the communities looking great.

Deborah W.

Very clean and quiet community.

Jonathon B.

I recommend UMH! My move-in experience was great!

Lori Z.

Very nice community and everyone feels very safe.

Mercedez T.

Nice people and great place to live!

Alexis H.

Lots of great deals for new renters and homebuyers!

Alan K.

Very fair pricing and a quiet community

Jennifer S.

My move in experience was good!

Diane H.

My move-in experience was great and I would recommend UMH.

Donald C.

Good management team and very family friendly community!

Denny N.

The move in process was easy and the rental managers are great!

Brittany B.

I love my home, it is a perfect design. Stephanie (management) is a great person to work with

Renae M.

I would recommend UMH to friends and family! The staff here is great!

Charles E.

The manager is awesome and if she doesn't know the answer she will find out and get back to you right away!

Rebecca W.

The neighborhood is amazing and it is a great community.

Delton R.

Clean, quiet, and friendly community.

Holly W.

Great experience and a great home!

Meghan T.

I would recommend UMH!

Nicholas M.

These are beautiful homes and great for a starter family.

Devin W.

This is a great price with great staff. So far my experience has been awesome. Any issues were addressed right away!

Kristen J.

It is a great area to live and the staff is so nice!

Jasmin S.

Great community!

Michael W.

The staff here worked with me answered my questions in a timely manner even in their off time

Richard B.

Very affordable

Nathan T.

It is a nice area d the people are great.

Jayme P.

My experience occurred during March and April 2020, when businesses were shut down due to Covid 19. Sandy Chambers was extremely instrumental in getting our deal done during this time.

Zoe Ann C.

The homes are beautiful and affordable!

Roger M.

I have lived here previously and am so excited to be back! I love this community.

Penny S.

Nice, quiet community.

Luke S.

The move in process was easy and I would recommend UMH communities.

Jason K.

Our experience was great. The homes look very nice and have central A/C which is a huge plus!

Nathan W.

This is a great community! The homes are beautiful.

Amanda B.

Very nice community!

Ashley M.

Great and friendly place!

Alyssa R.

Nice, new houses at an affordable price. The community is clean.

Gregory H.

Very quiet community. The office staff is very accommodating and friendly!

Emily G.