Manufactured Homes for Sale or Rent near Binghamton, NY

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About The Binghamton, NY Area

Since its official founding in 1867, Binghamton, NY has become the center of many major inventions and events throughout history. By the 1880’s it was the second-largest manufacturer of cigars in the country. By the 1920s a businessman named Endicott Johnson transformed the city into a major shoe producer, and in the early 20th century the major global technology company IBM was created here. All this historical growth has created a city that almost 45,000 residents call home. When you buy or rent a home here you will find everything from outdoor activities at the local Otsiningo and Recreation Parks, a variety of museums detailing the city’s rich history, and entertainment, like the Ross Park Zoo and famous 1920’s carousels.


Binghamton, New York Real Estate And Homes For Sale

With a population of just over 50,000 people and nearly 30% under the age of 18 when compared to state averages, this is one city that holds great potential for growth. With its high concentration homes going to renters (nearly 40%), it can change on a dime – or grow even more quickly with some targeted investment from developers! It’s not hard to see why this upstate New York town has been slow getting back on track since the recession in 2008; only seven neighborhoods make up most of what you’ll find there. But now? Signs are pointing towards an endearing recovery taking shape.

The Binghamton area real estate market is the cheapest in New York. The median home price of $96,200 places it well below both the national average purchase price ($204,000) and even neighboring cities like Ithaca (average home cost:$320K). Over three years appreciation rates have dropped to 8% but are starting to improve thanks to a new wave of buyers who can’t afford more expensive homes elsewhere.

Employment and Education in Binghamton, NY

Residents will find a wide variety of career opportunities in the Binghamton, NY area. Residents will find openings in areas such as education, technology, and distribution will local employers like IBM, Lockheed Martin, Binghamton University, and Wegmans Food Markets.

Located conveniently near their new homes, residents will find Binghamton University, Broome Community College, and Davis College. Just a short drive away, one of the top higher education programs in the nation, Cornell University, is accepting applications today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Manufactured Homes In Binghamton NY

What Is The Difference Between Mobile Homes, Modular Homes, And Manufactured Homes?

Modern manufactured homes are extremely different from the mobile homes built prior to 1976, both in terms of construction and design. Manufactured homes are constructed with quality materials inside climate-controlled building facilities according to the HUD Code. They also typically come in many sizes — single section and multi-section.

When it comes to comparing manufactured and modular homes, a factor that can set them apart, along with the codes each is built to, is the type of foundation typically used for each. Generally, a manufactured home will have a pier and beam foundation with skirting that can be used to personalize the home. If your home has a pier and beam foundation, it can usually be relocated by a contractor who specializes in manufactured homes.

Depending on factors like where the home will be located, manufactured homes can also be placed on a permanent foundation, crawl space, or basement, which are common foundations for modular homes.

Are Manufactured Homes Safe?

Manufactured homes are regulated by the federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards also known as the HUD Code. Before a home is brought to the home site, it is rigorously third-party inspected. Safety is also a priority inside UMH’s communities. UMH requires all of its residents to pass individual background checks before being approved to reside in its communities. Residents are also required to adhere to all community rules and regulations which are enforced by on-site management.

Are Modular Homes and Prefab Homes The Same?

Prefab is a term used to describe a home that is constructed in a factory with pre-fabricated materials. This also describes both manufactured and modular homes.