Peace Of Mind When Living Small: Manufactured Home Feng Shui
Interior Design
By admin Apr 27th, 11:42am

If you're feeling like your manufactured home has something lacking, the solution might not be one you ever considered. Feng shui is the Chinese practice of rearranging or even altering the features of your space to increase the positive energy, also called chi, that flows through it. You might be curious about how to achieve this with limited space, but we've got a few solutions for you to consider.

Solid Foundations

If it's possible, you may want to consider placing your home atop a concrete base. With your home more rooted to the ground, you have a more direct connection to the earth. According to the principles of feng shui, this can help you feel more firmly rooted overall. If this is not an option due to cost or other restrictions, then you may want to consider finding a way to cover the base of the home, obscuring its separation from the earth.

Let the Light In

If you are still in the planning phase of your home construction, it may be helpful to look at how the doors and windows of your home are arranged. You may not believe it, but this makes a huge difference; in fact, it's critical to the flow of positivity. To increase the chi, arrange your interior so that your windows are facing north and south. Make your front door welcoming and inviting: in feng shui, this is considered the means by which chi enters the home. Rectangular-shaped doors are preferred. Rather than the traditional slatted steps that lead to the doors of many manufactured homes, consider concrete steps for the same reasons you want a solid foundation for your home.

Keeping Up Appearances

A garden outside the home is a simple way to bring more chi into your dwelling. Also, plant some trees behind your home if possible, as this is thought to add protection. Inside, hang up some mirrors and consider a color change to red, which creates energy and cures lethargy.

With these few steps, you're on your way to a feng-shui friendly manufactured home!