A Rose By Any Other Name: Gardening Ideas For Your Manufactured Home
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By admin May 21st, 4:33pm

If you're afraid that manufactured homes for sale can’t be easily personalized, think again. All you need to customize your home is a green thumb! Here are some ideas for gardening around your manufactured home.

- Make planters your best friend. Planters can be easily moved if they're getting too much or too little sun, making them great tools for any gardener. Planters are especially good for people who don’t own their lot.

- Build landscape features. Use rocks, bricks, or stones to set off areas of the garden. These elements will make even small patches look large and will draw attention to your garden.

-Choose colorful annuals in the spring. They’re small, inexpensive, and they add a pop of color to your yard.

- Keep moisture away from your manufactured home. Make sure that in your landscaping zeal, you direct moisture away from the house to avoid mold and other associated pests.

The next time you see manufactured homes for sale, remember they're easily customizable, and their affordability can't be beaten.

 Construction of a manufactured home generates 30-45% than comparable site-built contruction