Perrysburg Estates

23720 Lime City Road
Perrysburg, Ohio
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What Our Residents Say

Renee Webb is such an amazing property manager. I’m so glad my husband and I found Perrysburg Estates, we’ve been here almost a year and love watching the community grow

Martin G.

It is a quiet area, people are friendly, neighbors willing to help neighbors and Renee is the best and has a great staff working for her.

Edward B.

I have lived in this community for 22 years and this past year I have seen more improvements in this park than I have ever seen. Whenever I need anything, such as my tree trimmed along with other things I ask Renee and she is always very nice and helpful. She has done a fantastic job for this community!

Matt K.

I lived here over 20 years and still love it here! We have the best ladies in the office.

Linda H.

It's very good place to live at. I love it here!

Leann L.

It is a quiet community with an awesome manager!! Ever since UMH took over and let Renee take the reigns, this community has done nothing but get better. Renee genuinely cares about her residents and the success of this community. She has no problem doing what is needed to get things accomplished. We were promised a lot of things in this community for a long time and it would never happen. Now Renee has this community growing and thriving and I know it is because of her dedication to making this community great that the good things are coming. Even through this worldwide crisis she has continuously shown us that she cares about this community. We absolutely love having Renee as our park manager and know that things will only continue to get better from here!!

Cody R.

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