Redbud Estates

1800 West 38th Street
Anderson , Indiana
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What Our Residents Say

After 9 years of residency the changes that are happening are very welcome. The clean up has changed the entire environment ! Looking forward to my new driveway next summer ! Thank you !!

Michelle D.

I recommend this community to friends!

Michael W.

Love it here!

Carrie P.

Redbud is a very clean and friendly environment! I recieved great help

Allison W.

Living at a UMH community is a much better value than renting an apartment!

Connie E.

The community is awesome and the staff is wonderful!

Abby W.

Quiet community. The application process has clear expectations for residents and is very helpful in creating a safe place to live whether you have a family or are retired.

Marc M.

Great customer service!

Donna F.

Great place to live!

Raymesha J.

I would recommend UMH to friends and family.

Audrey F.

I recommend UMH to my friends and family.

Joshua G.

Super helpful and prompt service.

Kandie D.

Affordable living for a great, quiet, community.

Hector G.

They are great to work with and keep the communities looking great.

Deborah W.

My move-in experience was great and I would recommend UMH.

Donald C.

Great place to live! It is beautiful, peaceful, and friendly.

Lillian W.

I have lived in Redbud Estates for 32 years. I have found this to be a pleasant, safe community. The staff has always been very friendly and willing to help with questions or problems that might appear.

Judy L.

Redbud staff has great customer service and are always willing to help their residents in any way.

Jan R.

This October will mark the 40th anniversary of my living in Redbud Estates. The diversity of residents is one of the pluses. Seeing seniors out for a stroll and teens walking home from school along with families out together sometimes with little ones riding in a wagon is very uplifting. REdbud has a very solid history and is a safe and affordable community.

Douglas E.

I have not lived in Redbud estates for long, but I can say this is a very relaxing community. All of my neighbors are nice. This is a place where I can sit out on the porch and enjoy the surroundings. The people that are in the administration are nice and polite and make you feel right at home. I really enjoy it here! I would recommend living here to anyone looking for peace and quiet.

Roger E.

I have lived here since 1977. Under the new management, UMH, I see the company making much needded updates. I appreciate Teddy and Cathy. I appreciate this company and its views to make this an even better place to live!

Lillie C.

Redbud is a wonderful, clean, quiet community. The residents are friendly, the streets are fantastic - come see for yourself! I am glad I moved here! The office staff is cheerful and informative and Roger was extremely helpful during the purchasing process. He was always available to answer any and everything I needed to know.

Martin J.

I have really enjoyed my experiance buying my first home with Redbud. They made the process feel like a breeze. Being my first time buying a home I was worried I would not know what to do, but the employees here walked me through the whole process.

Hunter S.

I have lived here since May 2002 and am so glad to see the improvements. I plan on spending the rest of my life here. The employees are very nice.

Emily W.

I have seen so many improvements at Redbud since UMH has begun managing!

Harry H.

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