Four Tips for Making the Most of Closet Space in a Manufactured Home


Making the best use of closet space in manufactured homes is much easier and more affordable than you might think. Here are four simple ways to maximize your closet.

1) Hang more with rods and soda tabs

Quadruple your space for hanging clothes by adding an extra row of clothing rods and then slipping soda can tabs onto the hooked part of each of your hangers. The second hole in the tabs can accommodate another hanger.

2) Fill space with shelving

For closets in manufactured homes with too much floor space, filling the area with shelves or pull-out bins allows for more organization.

3) Install a towel rod

Hang a towel rod or two on the inside of the door for easy storage of scarves and ties.

4) Put up a bulletin board

A bulletin board on the closet wall or door is the perfect, tangle-free solution to storing jewelry. Earrings stick right in while necklaces and bracelets can be secured with pushpins.

Use our tried and true tips to make the most of the closet space in your manufactured home.