How Quickly Can a Manufactured Home Be Built?

When you purchase a home from a builder, you can easily stop by and watch the construction of your new home. However, a manufactured home is constructed at the factory, and you won't be able to watch the building progress. This guide explains the typical building process and timelines to expect from the factory.
Placing an Order
Customers can look through a variety of home styles and floor plans to make a selection. Optional features like fireplaces, porches, bay windows, or vaulted ceilings may be ordered at this time. Lastly, the customer chooses carpeting and flooring. After floor plans have been finalized and the contract is signed, your new home is added to the building schedule.
Building Process
A manufactured home is built in a factory that is climate-controlled. This ensures all building materials are protected from inclement weather. Flooring is constructed first, and it is then attached to a chassis with wheels for transporting.
Homes are constructed in sections according to floor plans that were chosen. Next, plumbing, electrical, and heating systems are installed. Insulation and walls are attached. The final steps at the factory include the addition of interior finishes and exterior siding. The average building time is about four or five weeks.
Home Delivery
The home is delivered and some exterior additions may be installed at this time. County inspectors review the construction to make sure it is built to code.
The entire process of ordering, building, delivery, and inspections takes about two to three months. This is pretty quick considering the amount of work involved. Customers are sure to be pleased with the speedy construction of their new manufactured home.