How to Increase Your Manufactured Home’s Value


All homes depreciate over time if not properly maintained, but with manufactured homes, the process can sometimes move more quickly. This depreciation is similar to the way that cars can quickly lose value over time. After you have your property appraised to determine its exact worth, you can get to work on these simple yet effective tips to make your investment worth more, allowing it to fetch you more money when you someday go to sell.

Stay on Top of Repairs

One of the simplest ways to prevent your manufactured home from excessive devaluation is to always be on top of the necessary repairs and additions. When you notice something starting to go awry, rectify the situation as quickly as possible. This will prevent the problem from growing worse, and it will ultimately cost you less in the long run.

Look for Inexpensive Changes

Maintaining and increasing your home's value is not the cost proposition you may imagine it to be. It's as simple as a fresh coat of paint when the old one is showing its age or upgrading plumbing and lighting fixtures every few years. The newer the appliances, the more they are worth.

Go Green

Energy-efficient changes to your home can really go the extra mile toward saving you money on your utility bills. Add additional insulation or change out the caulking and weather stripping around the doors and windows to keep more heat in and save on monthly energy costs. If possible, install low-flush toilets and search for windows that are similarly energy-friendly.

Whatever changes you decide to make to increase the value of your manufactured home, make sure you are following all local code regulations. These tips will help ensure that you increase the curb appeal and overall value of your home.