Make Them Say “Wanna See My Room?”: Ideas for Kids Bedrooms in Your Manufactured Home



While manufactured houses make great, affordable homes, they sometimes have space challenges, especially when it comes to the needs of a kid’s bedroom. Here are some ideas to make your kid’s bedroom fun and usable at the same time.

Utilize color blocking to mark off different areas. For example, the closet could be a bold red while the desk area may be painted forest green. This breaks up the space and helps teach children where their things belong by color-coding the room.

Save space by combining functional items, like putting a desk underneath a loft bed. This doubles your use per square foot. It’s also enticing to kids who like the idea of the top bunk! If your kids are sharing a room, focus on purchasing bunk beds with storage space underneath the bottom bunk to take advantage of the available space.

Manufactured homes are some of the most affordable homes on the market, which is why they’re so popular with families—and kids get cozy, multifunctional rooms out of the bargain. Make sure to make the most of the space available to ensure that your kids love hanging out in their cool new bedrooms.