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"Imagine a U.S. senator, an association CEO, an award-winning lending expert, HUD’s secretary, the CFPB director and an array of home owners and housing professionals from border-to-border all agreeing in principle on a solution to the nation’s growing affordable housing crisis.

Imagine they all agree that regulations are part of the reason the solution is not being fully implemented. Then picture in your mind that millions of real people are being harmed by these regulations.  

There’s broad agreement on the solution’s value, and the way to more fully implement the environmentally friendly, safer, appealing answer that could save people and government serious money. 

This is not fiction, it’s the reality that this fast-paced, Inside MH Road Show video documents and explores."


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Manufactured homes are put to the test when placed behind a C-130 airplane to withstand 105 mph winds. Check out the durability and reliability in manufactured housing by watching this video!

This video courtesy of, and first appeared on their website. 

L. A. 'Tony' Kovach, from MHProNews, interviews UMH Properties, Inc. President, Sam Landy, at the 2015 Manufactured Home Show. In this interview, Sam Landy discusses this year's latest product innovations in manufactured homes and his positive views on housing market trends.

This video courtesy of, and first appeared on their website.

Sam Landy is the CEO of UMH Properties, Inc., a Freehold, New Jersey based Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), for over two decades.  Having fostered the company’s eminent success and rapid growth in the manufactured home market, Sam Landy takes great pride in working within his industry, as well as the prosperity of his firm. Matt Bechard interviews Sam Landy in this recorded video at REIT Week 2015, an internationally attended conference held in New York, New York annually to convene several hundred REIT firms from around the world. Sam Landy discusses many key topics revolving around his industry, including the current and past status of the manufactured home market, the future outlook for the market and the firm, and much more.  Sam Landy foresees a bright outlook for the manufactured home market as geographically inclined developments in the American financial and industry sectors bring new growth hotspots into range for UMH Properties, Inc.