UMH Pays Tribute to Veteran’s with Community-Wide Events
By Nov 25th, 10:19am

UMH Pays Tribute to Veteran’s with Community-Wide Events

On Monday November 11th, residents from 20 UMH communities participated in community-hosted events to honor men and women who served in the U.S. Armed Forces.

UMH is proud to provide affordable housing solutions to active duty and veteran military personnel. As every year for Veteran’s Day, our communities showed their patriotic pride with luncheons paying tribute to those who have served.

Attendees made cards, drew pictures or wrote letters to thank U.S. Veterans for their service, which were delivered to Veterans in local hospitals and military bases. In exchange, those who contributed received an American Flag pin to commemorate the special day.

“We recognize that it’s a distinction to have served in the military, and love that our communities find special ways every year to honor that,” says Kristi McGovern, UMH Director of Public Relations. “Many of our employees take it upon themselves to plan and coordinate these events within their communities, and we’re so grateful that they’re creating spaces for our residents to come together and spend time with one another in meaningful ways.”

That’s the UMH difference!

UMH offers special promotions for Veteran homebuyers at all of our communities. To find a community near you and begin your path to affordable homeownership with us, visit