How To Find The Right Community
By Anonymous Jan 13th, 12:31pm

Finding the perfect home to settle into is a completely unmatched feeling, but it doesn’t stop there. The surrounding community should be equally as perfect, so you know you’re exactly where you should be. Factors like cost, amenities, locality and values are all things you should weigh when choosing the community that’s right for you and yours. You’ll know you’ve found it if it has all of these important things covered.


As manufactured homes become more accessible, so do high-quality affordable options for American homebuyers. Homebuyers no longer have to compromise cost for home size or features. Manufactured home communities provide affordable, close knit neighborhoods with homes that save as much as $0.60 per square foot compared to traditional stick-built homes.

Additionally, the homes in these communities are energy-saving and eco-friendly. Most modern manufactured homes are Energy Star Certified and built on these principles, which means your home will be affordable all the way around.

Home Quality

Of course the quality of your purchased home is important, but it’s equally important to consider how well your neighborhood is maintained.

Evaluating surrounding homes can help you gauge the quality of your new home and the surrounding community. Take a quick drive around to get a feel for how residents keep their yards and homes for obvious trends in home upkeep. If surrounding homes have attractive landscaping or upgrades like new roofs and repaved driveways, these are good indications that the residents of this community love where they live. 


Your community should have all the amenities you need to best live your day-to-day lifestyle. This could include 24/7 maintenance, so you never have to worry if you need something repaired quickly. Communities with pools and walking trails are great for staying active, or having a community with a gym saves time on commuting and money on membership fees. Many UMH communities also have clubhouses where you can host events like birthday parties and reunions for free!


“Location, location, location!” is a real estate mantra...and for good reason! The location of your community is a prominent necessity, as it can make your life easier or more difficult.

Take the time to map out important locations such as workplaces, schools, hospitals, or other places you often travel to. If they’re a bit too widespread, you may want to look elsewhere.

Community Values

When people find common ground through their values, they can form relationships easier. These relationships unite residents in a way that can ignite positive change.

One of the best ways to see whether a community shares your values is to take a look at local community events. If sustainability and eco-friendliness is one of your values, you may want to look for communities that are run with policies that are in alignment. For example, UMH’s Environmental, Social and Governance Policy ensures that homes in our communities hold their building practices and community regulations to standards of environmental responsibility. 

Or, if you value meeting new people, your best-fit community will have social events such as Movie Nights or Holiday parties.

Key Takeaways

Finding a new home is very exciting, but is often only half of the journey. Finding a new community that’s right for you is the other half, but it doesn’t have to be a challenge!

  • Look for communities with affordable utilities. This may mean finding energy-saving homes that can conserve fuel costs.
  • Assess the quality of your home by paying attention to landscaping and positive signs of upkeep.
  • Take the time to evaluate what amenities are important to you.
  • Ensure that the location of the community is ideal.
  • Take a look at community events to assess community values and make sure they align with your own.

The Right Community For You!

UMH Properties is dedicated to providing affordable, energy-efficient homes in communities that are right for you.

Many of our communities have amenities for our residents to enjoy, including clubhouses, playgrounds, swimming pools, basketball, volleyball or tennis courts, and more. Plus, our communities are designed with location in mind, so you can live close to where you work and play! 

Ready to find a home and community that checks off everything on your list? Use our mapped community finder tool to see communities near you or view all of our beautiful, affordable homes to find your next one!