Find out why manufactured homes are the hottest trend in housing:


Manufactured home prices are a big draw for families searching for a peaceful, affordable place to live. On average, a double-wide manufactured home in Pennsylvania will cost around $62,000. The average price of a similar size site-built home is not even comparable to that of a UMH home. The money saved affords a buyer much more freedom to experience all that life has to offer. Accumulating massive amounts of debt due to housing expense leads to foreclosure and misery. The affordability benefit is a substantial one, and strongly supports the purchase of a manufactured home.



Manufactured homes are constructed swiftly compared to site-built homes, without the typical delays of construction and renovation associated with stick-built homes. Manufactured homes are built fast and yet they are incredibly durable, adhering to stringent HUD code standards, and offer many customization options. Homeowners can build additions, re-model, and add beautiful landscaping. In each instance, the wait-time is a fraction of that associated with site-built homes.



Not only will you save green ($$$), you will be making a green, eco-sensitive decision by becoming a resident of a manufactured home community. Environmentally friendly housing techniques include the use of less building material without compromising the home's structure.  The components of manufactured homes are also energy-efficient, and otherwise in keeping with today’s eco-friendly practices.  Modular home building is becoming more and more popular, with many investors deeming it the future of home construction. Saving the environment and saving money simultaneously is a substantial benefit for present and future UMH residents.



The trailer park stereotype is a thing of the past. Today’s manufactured homes incorporate many of the features of traditional homes: spacious kitchens, upgraded appliances, soaking tubs, modern bathrooms, family rooms, and so much more.  Additionally, manufactured home communities are a peaceful and easy place to reside Residents don't have to deal with the burden of trash removal, snow plowing, and other pesky maintenance work.  The amenities provided in many UMH communities are engaging and fun for people of all ages. Stay in shape by utilizing the fitness center, community pool, and tennis courts. Social gatherings are also a big hit. Barbeques, live music, and festivities are just a few perks that come with joining a quaint UMH community.



 Manufactured homes retain and appreciate in value just like site-built homes. There are multiple factors that determine the value of a manufactured home;  those that are properly constructed and renovated, and situated in safe, developed communities are expected to hold and gain value in the housing market. Many investors are taking advantage of this news by putting their money where their mouths are and investing in the next big thing in housing.