Why Choose A Manufactured Home?


A manufactured home can be the perfect solution to your housing needs. Find out the advantages of this structure versus a traditional on-site home.


Homeownership is part of the great American dream. Nearly every family dreams of owning their own home and building a place to grow old, raise a family, and eventually retire. However, due to the economy and its effect on the current housing market, homeownership has become an increasingly elusive reality for many families. Thankfully, there is a high-quality, affordable alternative: a manufactured home.


Manufactured homes have a number of advantages over a traditional site-built home. For example, a manufactured home has a far greater cost per square foot value than a traditionally built structure. These homes are built in a controlled factory environment and assembled according to a strict national building code – the only homes in America with that guarantee. In addition, their construction is never subject to weather conditions. This means that unlike traditional on-site homes, the building process will never be slowed or delayed due to storms or inclement weather.


Manufactured homes are also completely customizable for your unique needs. There are a variety of color selections for both the interior and the exterior that can match your preferences perfectly. These homes can be made completely handicap-accessible as well. Many brands offer assisted-living showers, all doors can be made wheelchair-accessible, and the entire floor plan can be designed to provide a better functioning living space.


Many manufactured home real estate companies offer land-leasing, provide competitive pricing, and have financing options and plans available. The communities they build provide quality housing and a friendly, upscale lifestyle to their residents. If you are interested in purchasing a manufactured home or would like to visit one of our beautiful home sites across the country, call UMH Properties, Inc. and speak with a representative today.